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the work : a text in progress — or not.

this page is in a constant state of flux.

this is where my elevator pitch would be, if i had one.
but i don’t.
and i don’t want one.


it is difficult to say what exactly the work is in a few words which would be satisfactory. my websites are littered with failed attempts but one might say the work is to address the human condition.

when we were artists we would have exhibitions called work(s) in progress’ which is amusing to me now, the idea of progress being seriously problematic and the question is whether progress is illusory, a hangover from the enlightenment, a figment of the humanist imagination, the rich are getting richer and the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing and the effect of this on the world and the planet (don’t say environment”) is only beginning to become clear.

sometimes i pick up a pebble, blow on it and put it in my pocket, like amélie. sometimes i find a small fish and i put it in the water and as i watch it swim away i say, go little fish!

sometimes it seems as if the work is finding a way to be effective and/or helping to bring about change in a positive way and sometimes it doesn’t. what role i’ play in this exactly is less and less clear to me. and : as i age i seem to give less and less of a shit about trying to fit what i do into a viable marketing category.

sometimes i write some things down.
sometimes i have a conversation with someone, or a group of people.

what (not) to do

what is a tree doing? or a rock?

you see i don’t want to interfere too much in what is happening or not happening. i am a magic realist agent and i am mindful of the butterfly effect. i smile a weary smile when artists speak of their work as interventions, such is the endlessly seductive nature of one’s apparent agency.

i am seriously interested in the nature of doing’. what does it mean to do some thing? it almost has an aggressive undertone, you can only do an inanimate thing, if you do a person or an animal, it involves either sex or violence or both. what does it mean to act? to perform an action? to be seen doing something?

anyway. what do i do?
apart from thinking, which is of course the most important work — three things : writing, listening and talking, mostly in that order and … waiting.

waiting as work

it often seems to me that waiting is also work and often work is mainly waiting. i found this out when i was working with people who had cancer.

i am waiting … to see what unfolds and enfolds, waiting to find out what the ten to the power of five hundred universes and the eleven dimensions will deposit in my’ path.

what are you doing?
— oh i am waiting to see what comes in the time to come.
just waiting?
— ah well it does require a state of readiness…
what can you do to be ready for what unfolds?
— this is the work.

here is a slightly less serious page about me and my work — or just have a look around my website and/or read my book to get an idea of the kinds of things i am thinking and talking and writing about and listening to or waiting for — and get in touch if you want to arrange to meet up for a talk.

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