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ah the work.
there is so much one could say about this work, but what is needed actually is to do it.

I call it work’ although it’s not how I earn a living and I do not charge a fee for the work. My time is not for sale, but it is work: it takes time and energy, it is often difficult and I have to be available to do it, no matter what.

I work with people who want to work, collaboratively, individually and collectively on the de-centering of the self. The idea of the self as an entity which is at the centre is suffused in how we think of our selves, what we are, and how others are and what we do. It is in every nook and cranny of our culture, including and especially language, education, philosophy, politics — and in the way the world is organised.

but first you must clearly see the need to do this work
and sometimes you’ll see it and sometimes you don’t.

perhaps you see the need to do this work most clearly when you are desperate or in despair, when you are afraid and trembling, when you are full of doubt.

oh ok. some people like names : kierkegaard … there you go. happy now?

i could mention the name of a philosopher here but why? it is not important who said what and when. that is a distraction. what matters now is who is speaking and whether you’re listening.

and that here, now someone is listening to you, really listening.

here is an email i recently wrote to someone who asked about my work.

here is a previous version of the page about this work, which links to other pages — or just have a look around my website and/or read my book to get an idea of the kinds of things i am thinking and talking and writing about and listening to or waiting for — and get in touch if you want to arrange to meet up for a talk.

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