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hallo mijn naam is haas
i am a meta-monk
my cloister is
the human condition.

i am a postmodern post-atheist
hermit without a habit
who lives in a cell
with a skylight and a
108cm screen and six eleven inch
macbooks air with eight gigabytes
of ram (one of which is for sale
doe een leuk bod!)

i have seen into
the very core
of being itself.

and what is there?
you will ask.

but i won’t answer.*

*why? because for it to mean something to you, you have to see it for yourself.

here is a slightly more serious page about my work, which links to other pages — or just have a look around my website and/or read my book to get an idea of the kinds of things i am thinking and talking and writing about and listening to or waiting for — and get in touch if you want to arrange to meet up for a talk.

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