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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Lili Ország, The big wall (Big wall II), 1955.Lili Ország, The big wall (Big wall II), 1955.

Another black hole

So what’s another black hole? There are already a hundred million black holes? OK it’s big - a hundred thousand times bigger than the sun, but there’s a much bigger one at the centre of the galaxy, Sagittarius A*, which has the mass of 400 million suns.

And there are bigger ones still, inside some humans. 1

  1. For example, the ones that trap and eat Ortolan buntings with their olive-grey heads and yellow moustaches. The birds that is, not the humans. After trapping they are drowned and marinated in armagnac. Then they are cooked and eaten by the humans whilst they hide their heads in their napkins - either to keep the aroma in or to hide their shame. But the black holes are there for all to see.

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