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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

This is really something : The therapist who saved my life - On the possibility of not killing oneself by Ella Wilson.

Over the years I have tried more ways to escape this misery than one hopes for in a lifetime from Western remedies to Eastern medicine to ideas that neither hemisphere is willing to claim. But nothing has ever shifted the sense I have that I am not supposed to be alive. And when existing feels this foreign and hopeless, like getting off a plane in Nairobi to realize you have forgotten to pack your legs‚ dying does not seem like the bad idea that most people think it is.

The Volkskrant reports that the government routinely obtains the travel records of students who receive financial assistance from the company that produces the microchipped travel cards, to check if they are fraudulently claiming to be living independently. Meanwhile health insurance companies want to give their clients a free Apple Watch but only if the client is prepared to allow the insurance company to access the details produced by the watch about their daily activities, heart rate, blood pressure etc - and, one assumes, adjust your premium accordingly.

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