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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Art, like God or The People, is fine for as long as you can believe in it,” Chris Kraus wrote in I Love Dick. (or as Amazon insists on referring to it, I Love Dick the cult feminist novel now a major Amazon TV series starring Kevin Bacon… I wonder if that line made it into the TV series…)

And when you stop believing in it, it’s time for something else. I realised that more than ten years ago. After a good part of a life of being an artist, teaching art and doing a doctorate in fine arts practice, albeit at an obscure university in the Australian outback, I had to swallow hard.

What comes after? The affordances of being free of art and God and The People… this has been the subject of my ongoing practice and research since.

When Terra Critica asked me for something for an exhibition at Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht, I gave them this, a page from a paper by Natasha Myers called Becoming Sensor in Sentient Worlds in which I’d highlighted the line we might need to forget everything we thought we knew about non-human lives and worlds.“

The believers might say, it’s art, you are an artist! but I say, no it’s not and no I’m not and you can’t make me - but in the end it matters little either way…

7:23 AM :
and now, in between bursts
of song, chiffchaffs
(or zilpzalps, as the germans, who have
a different word for everything!
say) are making soft
hiccuping sounds and
no one knows why.

apologies to derwent may

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