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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Mark LangedijkMark Langedijk

Mark Langedijk was 41, and an alcoholic. He hated his life and requested euthanasia. After a year, he received it. This is not common but it’s possible in the Netherlands. His parents and brother Marcel Langedijk, to whom he was close, was supportive. Het leven is geen verplichting (life is not an obligation), he says. Marcel wrote a book about Mark Langedijk’s life and death called Gelukkig hebben we de foto’s nog - de zelfgekozen dood van mijn broer. It has just been published by Q.

Here is the article in De Volkskrant Magazine and here is a PDF if you don’t want to pay Blendle €0.39 for it but for the record, if you can afford it (and you read Dutch), I think you should.

And what about Advanced Care directives?
-What about them?

Here is mine :


If I end up in a coma or a vegetative state I want to be the fuck hooked up to a morphine pump and a brain-computer interface (BCI) which can take a reading of my brain and control the morphine pump. Also I’d like all the connections to be checked daily by a qualified technician to ensure they are working properly.

Thank you.

If you’re in the US and you type depression’ into Google it will ask you if you need help working out if you’re depressed. If you say yes, you’re presented with nine questions like Do you have trouble concentrating?” and Do you get little pleasure or enjoyment from the things you do?”

Not sure what happens after that.
Maybe it sends you to a site where you can get Prozac cheap?

Meanwhile apparently on Instagram when you search for hashtags like #sue or #ana, it tells you that messages with tags that you searched for often encourage behaviour like self-harm or suicide. If you’re going through a hard time we’d like to help.” If you continue, you get handy tips like:

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