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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Molecule (1979) Sigurdur GudmundssonMolecule (1979) Sigurdur Gudmundsson

6:31 AM : Here we go again. I’ve decided to give blot another try. Maybe the secret is, don’t ask too much of it. Just be happy that it does what it does extremely well.

7:00 AM : The London Times has reviewed Chris Kraus’s Kathy Acker book but I haven’t read it yet because of the stupid two article limit. You can register as many times as you like and use a fake email because you don’t need to confirm to be able to log in.1

1:46 PM : So the Australian state of Victoria seems to be going with a version of the Oregon model with their Voluntary Euthanasia legislation, if it gets through both houses of parliament. (I made a submission to the public enquiry as living in Melbourne at the time.)

The Oregon model is flawed in the sense that you don’t have the option of having a medically qualified person oversee your exit. They just give you the stuff and then you get on with it yourself. If you are unable to do that because you are incapacitated there are no options for you under the Oregon method.

And assisting anyone is just as illegal there as it is anywhere else, whether you are a doctor or a carer. This is one problem. It has to be legal to help someone if they need help and if they say they need help.

Having the authentic fully tested stuff provided by a qualified and registered chemist in the cupboard to use at a time of your own choosing is, for terminally ill people, a perfect and beautiful solution, that’s the advantage of the Oregon system, just in my (more or less humble) opinion. The real problem is that you still have to go with your hat in your hand to the doctor for a script and if you’re not terminally ill but, say terminally sick to death of being a human and all the bullshit that goes with it and you want out, you’ll be shown the door quick smart.

  1. 3:05 PM : got it: https://app.box.com/s/ul4j3xi3gbg1g06saq1p8c10w05i87rx

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