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29 and 30 November and 1 December 2019

####Lismore New South Wales Australia

what would be great about doing conversations inside a camera obscura is that it would function as a metaphor for the idea that what our eyes actually see is an upside down world. it is the brain that turns it the right way up’ for us. experiments have been done that show if you make someone wear glasses that turn what you see upside down, within a few days the brain turns what you see the right way up’ again.

the oracle says : the world is not as it seems.

the oracle says : what i am saying is something that’s been said over and over again by all kinds of seers and mystics and witches and prophets and poets and artists and fools over thousands of years :

the world is not as it seems.

there is nothing new or remarkable about this in and of itself.
so. the world is not as it seems.

so what?

what is different and what makes it interesting is that how the world appears to you specifically, is usually very convincing — and unique. the appearances you see are being individually tweaked for you by your perceptual system and your mind and your unconscious and the sum total of all of your memories, experiences and dreams and (look out) your desires.

the oracle says : we are living in a camera obscura. a tiny hole in one of the walls of the otherwise pitch-black room we are in is projecting an image on the wall opposite. the image is upside down but we see it the right way up.

the oracle says : we are living in a hologram — but there is not one big single hologram. there are 7 billion different holograms : an entirely unique hologram for each of us and whilst there are some commonalities between the holograms there are many, many differences.

so the world not only appears different to each of us (which would imply that there is a single objective reality which is measurable and can be understood objectively using logic and reason) reality, such as it is, actually IS different for each and every one of of us. this has countless implications for how we are able to be in the world.

the other thing the oracle is saying is not new either : there is a way out.

all of the world’s religions, even ersatz religions like humanism or capitalism, have this in common. they say, there is a way out of the human condition, each religion has their own way and they all have their own problems and idiosyncrasies. they are usually hierarchical and the liberation, redemption and/or transcendence they promise by them is subject to some kind of supernatural omnipotent being or beings to whom you must swear eternal allegiance or what not and there is a whole bureaucracy and god help you if you stray from the approved path.

and the oracle says : bollocks to all that.

let’s work out how to transcend our holograms, each one of us, for ourselves, perhaps with assistance from and/or in collaboration with others where possible and desirable. i may be able to provide such assistance. it’s free! and i am coming to a venue near you soon :p

from the oracle


if i was an oracle (not saying that i am … or ever would be … but then again) what would you ask me?

so it is entirely possible that i am going to australia to be an oracle. more details will be posted here as they become available but the dates are 29/11-1/12-2019 and the place is lismore, new south wales.

meanwhile : you can already consult the oracle — as a comment via dropbox.

questions and answers (if there are any) will be posted here anonymously.

how do i get what i want?

the oracle says :

this is a two-fold movement : if you know what to ask for, some things come to you. however other things will not come to you exactly because you ask for them, or want them, or need them.

as always : be careful what you ask for.
and when in doubt, shut the fuck up.

what is love?

the oracle says :

very well. but if you want to know what love is, you will have to love — and this sounds simple but it isn’t because there are ten to the power of five hundred ways of loving. in this way it is exactly the same as being. if you asked what is being?’ the answer would be the same : if you want to know what it is to be, you will have to be. and whilst being you will have to be conscious of not being and the idea that in order to know what it is to be, and in order to be, you also have to be in relation to not-being. and it is the same with love. what is it not to love? to know what it is not to love tells you as much about what love is, as loving. in order to know what something is, you also have to know what its absence is, and what its absence gives rise to.

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