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July 2019

Trouw, the Dutch national daily, recorded an interview with me for the Zin in het Alledaagse podcast project Henk Steenhuis is doing now for Trouw. Mine hasn’t been published yet but will appear soon (in Dutch).


June 2019

me in trouwme in trouw

In February the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw published an interview/article about me in their series on making meaning (zingeving) accompanied by this awesome photograph by Lars van den Brink featuring the brutalist architecture of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The reason I look grumpy is because it was bitterly cold and raining and Lars kept saying, let’s try it here and and then let’s try it there.

The article is here but you might hit the paywall. Here is a PDF.

Recording sessions at dear world studio of the audio version of my book have been completed! Details about the how, what and where coming soon.

Ongoing weekly posthumanist conversations on the theme of vulnerability are continuing in Utrecht. Get in touch for details.

A number of posthumanist conversations on different themes are being planned in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Wijk bij Duurstede. Details TBC.

If you’d like to receive updates please get in touch.

When I was in Melbourne last year I recorded a radio interview with Kiera Stevens for the 3MBS-FM programme Reflections. It was broadcast on Sunday 21 October 2018, and the programme is online here : http://3mbs.org.au/programs/reflections-2/#past-programs.

The London Times has a regular feature, the Humanity Test, a version of the Proust questions, where they ask allegedly interesting people a series of standard questions to which they respond wittily, intelligently and in an interesting way — or not, as the case might be. These would be my answers.

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