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Monday, September 04, 2017

Amsterdam : To the Vrije Universiteit to begin a Master of Theology, and to hear a person who is about to receive an honorary doctorate from the university say that the essence of spirituality is don’t do to others what you would hate to have done to yourself’ (and indeed that this is how the Torah may be summed up according to a wise man) and also that compassion may be defined as putting your self into someone else’s shoes’ is not all that inspiring’.

I am not going to ask, what am I doing here, because I know exactly what I am doing here: I am a posthuman secret agent in a Theology Faculty at a University in Amsterdam.

In the religion’ box I will write: Do you mean what is my religion? I don’t have one - but if you mean, do I have a religious belief, I do: I believe god is dead 1.

And if anyone asks who is my favourite theologian I wil say Nietzsche’ or Foucault’ or Karen Barad’.

  1. And in the box for further information I will write: I believe God is dead. (It doesn’t really matter if she or he or they or it was ever alive or not but I don’t accept that some kind of unimaginable major supernatural being or thing from another dimension set all this in motion - end even if they did, the point is they fucked right off or something bad happened to them or they got bored or whatever and they just disappeared.) But none of that matters now. We are on our own. No one is watching us. No one is the slightest bit interested in what we do or don’t do except other earthly beings and non-beings. OK. So now what?*

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