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Monday, December 11, 2017

11:46 AM : it’s snowing on the snow.

i was out there walking : i wanted to walk before it began again.

and this is how it begins, with almost nothing : just one or two tiny specks of snow, here and there, and not there, now, not now and now — they are proper’ snow flakes albeit small. And they are falling in their thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions — snow flakes will fall here today the weatherman said. now that’s what i call a prediction.

it’s quite tiring walking on the frozen remnants of yesterday’s snow, it is slippery here and there and you’ve got to keep your eyes on the ground. but it’s good to be out there.

when i stop to look at the icy surface of the water it’s as if i can see movement, tiny contracting and/or expanding movements. is that the water underneath the ice that i can see moving or is it the ice particles themselves or is it a trick of the light?

it doesn’t matter : all is flux — whether you do and/or don’t see it.

a tree has succumbed to the weight of the snow and ice and snapped in half. the sound of the cracking of the frozen snow underfoot.

i am looking for rabbit tracks. it’s the imprints of the back legs, not the front, that tell you in which direction the rabbit went.

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