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so that you don’t have to ask

there are nine main things, i am sure there must be a tenth. maybe it’s people saying : give es a look then! or : you look so much better!

it’s a good thing i don’t give a flying fuck about christmas or there would almost be enough things for each day of christmas. 🙂

TL;DR it’s as if you’ve been punched in the mouth several times really hard.

  1. the swelling

  2. the pain from where you had the injections

  3. the pain resulting from several teeth having been ripped out of your head using brute force to the point where you thought your mandible or whatever it’s called, was going to break

  4. the humiliation

  5. the fact that you can’t speak properly

  6. the fact that you can’t eat, bite or chew

  7. the taste of blood in your mouth

  8. the fact that your gums are not used to having a hard thing rubbing on them and so blisters form = more pain

  9. the fact that you now have a weird cheap badly made foreign object in your mouth and you’ve been told not to take it out


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