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how to save the planet

The thing is this : to save the planet you need to change the people that live on the planet. Specifically, people need to change in and of themselves, by themselves. The change needs to be motivated by a different understanding of who and what they are and what it means to be a human being in the world.

Because it is one’s relationship with the planet that brings about the problem that we have with the environment’. And the environment is so much more than the rainforests and the endangered species and climate change and it is more, even, than the eco system.

What needs to change is the entire complex beast of 7 billion individual human beings and everything that they are connected with — not just other human beings but each individual connection with each and every thing on the planet.

One may be cynical or one may be moved by all the young people out on the streets motivated by the feeling that something is desperately wrong with how humans behave in relation to the planet with save the planet’ written on their beautiful youthful faces, and of course they are right, but what needs to change is relationality, the nature of each individual human’s relationship with other humans, with the world and everything in it, and with themselves.

Shall we begin?


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