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don’t say : monetize

every time someone says, you could charge a fee for this! i want to throw up. their eyes light up and they look at me expectantly. it is as if when you charge a fee, or someone pays you, it creates an extra level of meaning, it is deeper, more real somehow.

i think/feel/believe quite the opposite. if i do it without money changing hands you know that i am doing it because it matters, because i think it’s interesting, because i love you perhaps, a little bit, or a lot :)

but don’t worry, it’s post-love. i don’t want to fuck you and i won’t try and grope you.

ha ha ha …. there is a great freedom in this. the buddhists call it pure action — but fear not : i am not a buddhist — on the contrary, perhaps. i am also post-buddhist.

yes well but, someone says, i have to live. i have to pay the rent.
and that is true. i am not saying it’s for everyone, working for free.

perhaps a universal basic income is the answer — if there is an answer?

having said that, you are very welcome to reimburse my travel costs and/or make a donation. the buddhists have a word for this too but i forget what it is :)

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