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dear julia

seven years ago you asked me to keep an eye on them and i did, for several years, but i don’t think tom liked the way i wrote about you and/or about him or maybe daisy : since i am here came out — he and daisy came to the launch — tom no longer responds to messages. so i’m sorry to say that ship might have sailed. when i was in australia i went to the garden where your ashes were strewn and the tree was planted — and where i spoke the eulogy. i loved being there. the crisp winter morning, the screeching of the cockatoos, the river is wild there! i think it was the only moment i was happy when i was in melbourne last year. i wrote to tom and said it would be nice to catch up but he didn’t answer. maybe he’s just moved on. that’s life. it is difficult to continue to matter when you’re dead.

so it goes.

ps it’s the same with michael. he came to the launch, with his wife, bought a book, i signed it for him. afterwards she friended me on facebook, he ceased all communications, responding to neither texts nor emails. i guess it’s weird reading a character who you think is you, in a book — i offered him the relevant pages to read before publication but he said, nah mate she’ll be right.

also : mate, if you’re reading this, you still owe me AUD200.

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