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it doesn’t start with this — or it started like this a long time ago — but this is not how it starts now.

For Deleuze, illness is not an enemy, not something that gives the feeling of death, but rather, something that gives a feeling of life (…) for Deleuze the question is clear: illness sharpens a kind of vision of life or a sense of life. He emphasizes that when he says vision, vision of life, life, it’s in the sense of him saying to see life,” these difficulties that sharpen, that give life a vision of life, illness, life in all its force, in all its beauty. Deleuze feels quite certain of this, he says.

from : M as in Maladie’ »Illness» — L’Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze (Deleuze A-Z) 1 via radical sadness

now it starts like this.

  1. A as in Animal, B as in Boire’ »Drink», C as in Culture, D as in Desire, E as in Enfance’ »Childhood», F as in Fidelity, G as in Gauche’ »Left», H as in History of Philosophy, I as in Idea, J as in Joy, K as in Kant, L as in Literature, M as in Maladie’ »Illness», N as in Neurology, O as in Opera, P as in Professor, Q as in Question, R as in Resistance, S as in Style, T as in Tennis, U as in Un’/One, V as in Voyage’/Trip, W as in Wittgenstein, X,Y as unknown, Z as in Zigzag.


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