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if you wanted a really stupid project you could make an exact copy of the gerhard richter website with your own name and about your own work and then the rest of your life would be gone.

so. eva kor died. here is the obituary in the times and this is the article she wrote in 2015 on forgiveness.


Arnon Grunberg :

In Dagboek van een slecht jaar schrijft Coetzee: Het meesterschap van de grote schrijvers ligt in het gezag dat ze hebben.’ Coetzee vraagt zich af of het gezag van de schrijver wordt verkregen door op te houden jezelf te zijn en profetisch te gaan spreken’, de schrijver moet zich misschien openstellen voor hogere krachten.

Een belangrijke stap voorwaarts voor de gehele mensheid: eindelijk ophouden onszelf te zijn.


omg Marian Donner you are so fucking awesome.

oh ok well maybe not then (but after the first year it would only be 12.99 to renew…)oh ok well maybe not then (but after the first year it would only be 12.99 to renew…)

Organising safe and healing psilocybin retreats” at rented country houses around Holland, Truffles Therapy is one of a slew of businesses taking advantage of the global resurgence of interest in the purported healing properties of psychedelics.


Unfortunately, when you arrive they address you as brother’ …

as a HUGE fan of fleabag, the news that phoebe waller-bridge made another, albeit completely different, tv show before it, crashing, made it to my hovel in het dorpje G. today and there was much rejoicing. now, repeat after me : i must not bingewatch crashing as there are ONLY six episodes…

alright so how many episodes am i allowed to watch at a time?

it’s on netflix idiot

unfortunately episodes of crashing are not so easy to find online… have you ever had the experience of downloading something with only one seed and it going offline at 99%?

better late than never dept.

It’s hardly the Booker but in December 2016, my book was the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care’s Book of the Month!

and there was a nice review from Dr. Roger Woodruff in their newsletter.

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