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you are kidding, right?

or perhaps you know that i’ve been doing the online journal/blog thing for a long time and you’d like to read something from a time when i could often be found in bar 96 in wagga, stoned as a dodo and/or drunk as a skunk.

somewhere i have a great picture of bar 96 taken in 96 on one of the first portable digital cameras, a mavica which i seem to remember had a built-in floppy disk drive, but i might be wrong about that and i can’t be bothered to google it.

i guess sometimes google is your friend — but when, for several decades, a person, for reasons then not entirely known to themselves, did just about everything they did under various pseudonyms, evidently it is not.

even an image search for wagga by night”, with safe search off, doesn’t turn up anything interesting’ anymore.

(pause for laughter)

take that google.


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